About Us

11 June 2014

Safania Catering is a catering service box located in Jakarta. We provide and receive orders of food flavors Indonesia.

Our commitment is to providing the best service and be a reliable partner for customers. Our services are supported by professional staff, quality products and high service-class.

Selection of the basic ingredients that give priority to the processing quality of the product to be the best dish, everything we provide in accordance with the main concepts, namely Fresh, Healthy Hygienic, Halal.

Alloy distinctive taste and appearance are our service standards. Innovation is the hallmark flavor Safania Catering any kind of party that you can become a memorable sweet memories.

Indonesia appetizing menu selections we bring into a variety of themed parties and events with unique appearance according to your exclusive taste.

In running of our business guided by that customer satisfaction is a priority. Provide maximum service quality and customer satisfaction and sustainable prosperity for our human resources.


  • As a provider of halal foods, healthy and nutritious.
  • Making the Indonesian archipelago recipes as favorite foods taste better national and international levels.
  • Providing the best service to customers and improve the common welfare.